The 5 most important things in your car Manual

The things you need to love and learn before hitting the open road.


“Your car’s manual is like the big book of your cars life filled with all the information you need to keep your car running and well maintained. However the book can be both dense and daunting – so we’ve waded through all the information to bring you the top 5 “must-knows” in your manual.”

– How to Initially Set Up Your Car

– How to Decipher Warning Light

– How to Check Your Fluids

– What Your Warranty Covers

– How To Access Technical Data Easily

We all wish that life came with a manual – it doesn’t – but fortunately for you, your car does. Your owners manual tells you all the important information you need to know about your car. One should always keep their owners manual in their car at all times. This instructional book has all your cars specific information you need to operate your particular car model’s features along with some important troubleshooting advice. Understanding the important insights in your manual will save you time, money and fear when taking to the open road. Don’t be overwhelmed by what looks like a ‘testament’ of instructions, we’ve whittled your manual down to its “must know” points.

How to Initially Set Up Your Car

With every year that passes, cars become more and more technological with an infinite list of new features to add to their characteristics – many characteristic which require a specific setup provided by the owner. This includes instructions on keyless entry, delayed lighting, and even sound system decibel thresholds. Without guidance from your manual, this initial setup can be overwhelming; however, with it, the setup can be a thing of ease.

It’s important that you do this initial set up correctly to ensure the proper function of your car. Follow your manual for the specific step by step instructions.

How to Decipher Warning Lights

It is important to pay attention to and understand your dashboard warning lights. Understanding what each symbol means can prevent you from breaking down and expensive repairs. These symbols are the key to your roadside safety. If you find yourself in doubt about what a warning light means, consult your owner’s manual. Paying attention to your dashboard warning lights and understanding what the mean can prevent serious damage to your vehicle.

How to Check Your Fluids

Checking your car’s fluid is more complicated than you think. And while reading a dipstick may not be rocket science, some fluids should be checked hot while others give more accurate readings cold.  Owners often have trouble locating where to measure fluids. Your manual provides the exact location and step by step instructions on how to change your fluid specifically for your model.

What Your Warranty Covers

Issues with your car are inevitable and when they arise you may be tempted to simply go-ahead with any repairs a mechanic recommends. However, certain parts or issues may be covered by your motor warranty. You can find out what is covered by your insurance lite in your owners manual. This is also helpful to check that you don’t do anything to void that warranty. Informing yourself with what your warranty covers can save you money on internal repair work to your car – as well as dent and scratch repairs.

How To Access Technical Data Easily

At some point in your car’s life, you are going to need to retrieve more technical information about its components, ranging from your vehicle’s dimensions for a dent and scratch job to what size engine you have. This information and more is found in your manual’s section for technical data. Which covers a wide array of facts and figures about your car. Armed with this information, you can quickly provide vital information when something goes amiss.

We know your users manual can be overwhelming but it is vital to the successful running and maintenance of your car. Are you still unsure about your car maintenance? Do you need professional assistance in assessing and understanding how to better care for your car? Contact us today and let us help you. We The Car People know that a car is a big purchase and we want to ensure you get the most out of your vehicle. Let us help you make the right choices for both your wallet and your car today.