Should You Buy a Diesel Car in 2019

All the things you need to know about your next big purchase…

In the wake of the various bans and higher taxation on diesel cars in recent years buying a diesel car may not be as affordable as you think.  The answer, however, depends entirely on your needs. A diesel car will still likely be the better option if you cover a lot of kilometres. As diesel cars still achieve, on average a better fuel economy than its petrol counterparts. In an effort to clear up any confusion surrounding diesel we have tackled the toughest questions around diesel.

Will my diesel car still hold its value?

New diesel sales have fallen dramatically due to international bans, last years emissions report,  and this year’s higher tax rates. The used market, however, has been less affected, specialists say that the demand for diesel is still strong – especially in third world countries, where the electric car trend is less prominent. So the diesel price holds up for now, but what will the future hold? Used diesel cars are bound to follow the new diesel sales eventually, with diesel prices expected to deflate slowly over the next few years. Will your diesel car hold its value? The better question is how long will my diesel car hold its value. The answer is, not long.

Will I pay more tax?

Diesel cars were hit especially hard by the tax hike in April 2018, jumping up the diesel tax band. However, it was only new diesel cars that were hit with the higher tax bracket leaving second-hand diesel buyers unscathed. The tax increase only affects first-year rates which amount to a very small increase.

*It’s also worth noting that future tax legislation will likely apply to new cars only.

Will I pay penalties?

Unlike countries across the world, we have yet to implement penalties issuing diesel bans just yet. While there are fines, charging zones and penalties fees for driving diesel overseas there has yet to be fines implemented here in SA. So you can drive your diesel car without fear of being pulled over, or receiving an unexpected bill.

Is diesel too polluting?

According to The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, diesel cars emit on average 20% less CO2 than their petrol counterparts. Independent tests by Emissions Analytics have shown there’s huge variation in NOx output between diesel models. Some match laboratory targets under real-world driving, while others pollute significantly over. If you are concerned about your cars emission output we advise researching your model in question.

Are you looking for a new vehicle? Are you still unsure about the benefits of diesel and what will work best for you and your wallet? Take a look at our products and services and see how we can help you.