Scratch & Dent

Getting scratches and dents is a common occurrence for many car owners however it is not as easily solved as it is to transpire. Think about it – how often do you walk around a parking lot and see a nice car with a dent or a scratch? Imagine you owned that car, wouldn’t that irritate you? These small scratches and dents occur more often than we like to think and are often not covered by your comprehensive car insurance which means fixing them costs you money. This kind of maintenance can become an expensive upkeep as you try to cover the cost for all the small damages that occur to your car.

Not only does it not look good, to have your car scattered with scratches and dents but it also takes value off the car when you want to sell it. Let The Car People put you in touch with the best providers in removing dents and scratches that keep your car looking like it just drove off the showroom floor.

Scratches and Dents cover you for:

  • Paintless and dent removal
  • Repair of stone chips
  • Removal of scratches
  • Repair of windscreen
  • Repair of windscreen cracks
  • Tar removal