Roadside Assistance

As long as people are travelling by road, there will always be a need for roadside assistance. Roadside assistance provides you and your car with protection in the event of an unexpected breakdown.

The Car People’s ‘on-the-road breakdown coverage’ is a service that assists motorists, whose vehicles have suffered a mechanical failure. Providing them with the most comprehensive on-the-road services and benefits of any provider in South Africa. Ensuring all our members with benefits that include towing, roadside rescue, roadside security, and low-cost insurance.

Our Roadside Assistance Covers You, Not Just Your Car.

Roadside Assistance policy includes a number of different services, depending on the package you choose. Our road assistance policy also provides you with a valued added Assist Services, that takes preventative measures in protecting you and your vehicles – services such as; such as eye-care discounts, concierge services, reminder services, and motor-related legal and technical advice.


The benefits of the policy include massive savings on tires, vehicle inspections, insurance, battery problems, vehicle glass repairs, and replacements. With the most valuable covering;

  • Towing
  • Roadside Rescue
  • Emergency Medical Rescue
  • Tyre Services
  • Battery Services