Motor Warranty

A motor warranty helps you move your way up in life; allows you to move forward. You shouldn’t let your vehicle hold you back from achieving your dreams.

If your vehicle suffers a major mechanical breakdown or electrical failure, you’ll be back on the road to greatness in no time with our Motor Warranty policy. Our Motor Warranty policy also offers vehicle rental in the event that your vehicle breaks down or if you have service inconveniences.

We Offer Two Comprehensive Motor Warranty Plans:

  • Pre-owned Vehicle Warranty
  • Extended Vehicle Warranty

We cover over 31 major mechanical and electrical components from as little as R83 per month. To qualify, your vehicle only needs to meet a few criteria:

  • It must be in sound mechanical condition.
  • It must be less than 15 years old.
  • The odometer reading must be less than 300 000 kilometres.
  • It must be in a roadworthy condition and registered.
  • The gross mass of the vehicle cannot exceed 3000 kilograms.