Insurance Lite

Lite Insurance Cover is simple, affordable car insurance with low excesses. It allows you to personalise your cover. Lite Insurance Cover pays out in cash, so you can use the repairer you trust to fix the damage.

Lite Insurance Various Cover;
  • Functional Damage Cover: Covers you for functional damage to your car due to accidents, attempted theft, fire or the weather at a level of cover chosen by you
  • Functional Damage Cost: Is the amount our provider will pay you to fix your car less your excess
  • Theft Cover: Covers you for the full value of your car if it is stolen or hijacked
  • Third Party Liability: Provides you coverage for any damage to the car or property of another person because of an accident that involved your car.

What makes Lite Cover really special;

You will always know exactly how much we pay for theft or write-off

  • We tell you what the value is that we are covering for your car every year, and that value will stay the same until the next year. This means you will always know exactly how much we cover if your car is stolen or written off, so there are no nasty surprises along the way.

Our unique buy-back offer

  • We always offer to buy your damaged car after we have paid you for a claim unless your  claim is for the windscreen or if your car is written off. This means that you won’t have to go through the hassle of repairing your damaged car; you can choose to buy another car using the cash from the claim, or the cash from selling your damaged car to us. Our offer will be based on what we believe your damaged car is worth, and we’ll offer you a minimum of the guaranteed buy-back amount, regardless of the extent of the damage to your car.
  • Our affordable Lite Cover Car Insurance also gives you other additional benefits, such as having your car towed to your chosen repairer. You can also choose optional add-ons such as cover for cosmetic or windscreen damage, write-off cover and a transport allowance after a claim.