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We work with some of the best insurance suppliers in SA to provide affordable and reliable car insurance to everyone.

 We offer you an extensive range of insurance policies and services with unbeatable benefits that save you both time and money. No matter where you are in your motoring journey, or where you want to be – we can help get you there, taking you further for longer.

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Motor Warranty

Motor warranty helps you with unpredictable high repair costs to your car. Taking care of the car repair process and ensuring you only pay for what's is broken.Click to view

Scratch & Dent

All cars are susceptible to small scratches and dents – but aren’t covered by your insurance policies. Let The Car People cover your small car mishaps and put you in touch with the best Dent and Scratch Cover providers around. Click to view

Insurance Lite

Lite Cover is simple, affordable car insurance with low excesses. Personalise your cover with Lite Cover and get your payouts in cash, so you can use the repairer you trust to fix the damage.Click to view

Roadside Assistance

Provides on-the-road assistance that included a variety of services such as towing, roadside rescue, roadside security and low-cost insurance.Click to view

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive is the highest level of car insurance cover. As it covers damage to your car caused by events that are out of your control.Click to view

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Testimonials from our happy clients

Jody Bussack

“The Car People helped me get great Car insurance. I saved R200 every month on my premiums!”